Proven Impact of an Advanced Air Purification System in the Reduction of Infectious Airborne and Surface Pathogens, Concomitant Reduction of Hospital-acquired Infections and Length of Stay, and Improvement in Health-care Economics

Mar 2023  | Stawicki, Stanislaw P.; Urrutia, Alicia Raquel; Kimble, Charles N.; Worrilow, Kathryn Colonna

Journal of Global Infectious Diseases



Annually, approximately one out of every 20 inpatients or an estimated 1.7 million individuals experience a hospital-acquired infection (HAI) in the US. In practice, this means that 5%–10% of admitted patients will develop an HAI and approximately 100,000 of these patients will die. The estimated incidence of HAIs exceeds that of many other reportable diseases in the US, and the number of HAI-related deaths is greater than many of the leading causes of mortality.