Advanced Air Purification for Dental Practices

Keep your patients and staff safe with technology that is mathematically and genomically modeled to your exact office space. LifeAire delivers the highest air purity in the world and keeps harmful airborne pathogens, including COVID-19 and Influenza, out of your office.

LifeAire’s patented in-duct air purification solutions for dental practices remove 99.9998% of pathogens from the air and dramatically reduces contaminants from surfaces by 70-80% in clinical trials.

Nothing is more important than the health and safety of your patients and staff. In today’s climate, it’s more critical than ever to take steps to restore peace-of-mind to your practice, and mitigate any chance of a COVID-19 disruption or staff quarantine.

LifeAire has been addressing airborne threats to the most delicate form of human life, the embryo, for the last 10 years and are installed in over 50 medical centers across the US.  We applied this same patented air filtration technology to hospitals, long-term-care, and dental offices, and the results of our completed clinical trials are outstanding in removing biologicals that cause illnesses. Depending on the pathogen, airborne threats can remain viable from a few hours to several days traveling throughout a facility’s HVAC system and into the lungs of the people inside.

That’s why we created Aire~BioLite™ — air purification technology specifically designed for the remediation of airborne biologicals, including COVID-19.

Aire~BioLite installs in-duct above the ceiling and provides continuous protection against the most dangerous airborne threats in the world, including COVID-19.

Video Testimonial
Hear from a LifeAire Customer

Click on the questions below to hear Dr. Jim Rutledge share his experience with LifeAire in his dental practice.
Dr. Jim Rutledge, DDS, MAGD

There can be no “cleaner” air than that processed by a LifeAire System. Bacteria, spores and all viruses will be completely killed by the unit in essentially one pass. If our main enemy in dentistry is the aerosols we create, and this potential new virus is in that aerosol, I can’t imagine a better solution.

The installation of the LifeAire units has most definitely increased the staff’s confidence in returning to work. When I, and my team, describe our new system to our patients, their expressed confidence in our efforts to ensure their safety is clear: We have proudly installed the safest clean air system possible in a dental environment. We are now fully operational and are as productive as the days before the pandemic.

Dr. Jim Rutledge, DDS, MAGD, Virginia Beach, VA

Aire~BioLite Ultraviolet Air Purification System

Duct-mounted UV biological remediation system based on proven LifeAire flagship technology

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