Mathematically and genomically modeled to provide a 99% kill of influenza, COVID-19, and other infectious pathogens on a single pass.


Ultraviolet Air Disinfection System

Duct-mounted UV biological remediation system based upon proven LifeAire flagship technology

Introducing Aire~BioMid, designed specifically for the remediation of airborne biologicals that cause illness which, depending on the pathogen, can remain viable and airborne for hours to several days traveling throughout a facility’s HVAC system.

Fits New Construction or Retrofit Applications.

Facilities that are seeking improved air quality but are faced with physical building constraints, leasehold restrictions or engineering complexity can easily implement this technology. Aire~BioMid is simply added into a section of your planned or existing duct work. 

Protection for Larger Spaces.

Aire~BioMid provides the same protection as Aire~BioLite but comes in larger sizes to accommodate larger spaces. The units are installed in the return duct and have a ballast box that is attached either to the outside of the duct or a wall below the unit. They also have a touch screen that indicates if the lamps are working.

Technical Specifications

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