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Site Assessment

Personalized Site Visit and Preliminary Air Quality Assessment for Your Lab

Raise Your Team’s Awareness to the Impact of Air Quality on Embryogenesis

LifeAire is committed to helping IVF labs around the world improve their outcomes by removing the variable of air from the list of elements that can impact embryogenesis.

To that end, we help IVF clinics examine their air quality, their air handling systems, and sources of potential contamination that might be adversely impacting their embryogenesis.

We are visiting clinics in person to share insight and lessons-learned from over 20 years of clinical study by CEO and founder, Dr. Kathryn C. Worrilow, on the relationship between a wide array of airborne contamination sources that adversely affect IVF lab function and outcomes—despite most clinics having strong protocols in place to guard against contamination, maintain positive air pressure in sensitive areas, and employ air filtration units. Even ISO5 cleanroom standards are susceptible to certain airborne threats that can bypass HEPA/ULPA filtration and other preventative measures like culturing under oil.

In full transparency, LifeAire does provide air purity solutions, which we also review. But we’ve found value in sharing insight to help raise awareness to the wide array of airborne contamination sources and offer guidance on how IVF teams can improve their outcomes.

The visits are typically 2-3 hours – to allow for the real-time air testing – within which we give a presentation to the clinic’s team, do a quick physical examination of the air handling units around the building, host a discussion of the results we collect during the visit and suggested steps for potential improvement.

We also deliver a educational and informative results report that outlines what we found working well, opportunities that exist, and additional information on airborne contamination threats and how to respond to them.

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What’s Included?

The on-site visits include:

  • An in-depth orientation that takes place on-site at your clinic
  • A preliminary testing and examination of the air quality at your lab
  • An examination of the existing air handling unit and remediation solutions employed on-site
  • An orientation to the role that air plays in embryogenesis
  • A question and answer session on how to improve outcomes through improved air purity

Site Visit Assessment Report

We will deliver a detailed report of the results and our suggested next steps. Suggestions for improving air purity in a lab that we’ve tested vary from site to site, but can include elements like the following:

  • Adjust the positive pressure of the IVF Lab as it relates to the clinical procedure rooms
  • Adjust the desired temperature and humidity inside the lab space to prevent the possibility of viable particulate growth within the duct-work
  • Add an in-room air purification system in the procedure rooms
  • Install a pass-through window between the retrieval room and IVF Lab
  • Budget for an in-duct air purification system

Share Insight from 20+ Years of IVF Outcomes Affected by Airborne Pathogens

Our company’s founder, Dr. Kathryn C. Worrilow, spent over 20 years researching the causes of positive and negative spikes in clinical outcomes in In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) laboratories. Her painstaking work revealed that one of the greatest negative influences in the IVF laboratory environment was that of the ambient air surrounding the IVF process. This revelation inspired her to lead a team of chemists, engineers and physicists to develop the LifeAire system.

Our solutions are used by leading organizations including Mayo Clinic, Wake Forest University, UCSF Medical Center, Stanford University Medical Center, Northwestern University Medical Center, University of Connecticut Health Center, and University of Iowa Hospital.

Interested in Improving Outcomes?

Any IVF Lab that is focused on improving the quality of care they provide to their patients – and is considering the potential that their lab’s ambient air purity might not be up to the highly demanding needs of embryogenesis – should contact LifeAire to discuss some of the early signs that the lab’s air might include airborne contamination.

Contact us at or by calling 484-224-3042 to speak with a representative.