Preliminary Environmental Assessment for Your Laboratory: Improved Outcomes Through Improved Air

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Our Aire~Analysis program helps identify potentially harmful sources of airborne contamination at your facility

LifeAire® is committed to helping IVF laboratories around the world improve their outcomes by removing the variable of air from the list of factors that can impact consistent and successful embryogenesis. To that end, LifeAire helps IVF programs examine their air quality and sources of potential contamination that might be adversely impacting their cell culture and clinical outcomes. Even ISO5 cleanroom standards are susceptible to certain airborne threats that can bypass traditional HEPA/ULPA/UV filtration and other preventative measures such as in culturing in a “closed” environment.

Embryo Burden Toxicity Scale (EBTOX)

EBTOX scores quantify the toxicity of each VOC by comparing the modelled toxic air concentration of the VOC to the measured concentration and calculate contribution percentages of the most embryotoxic VOCs present in the lab air space.

What makes our Aire~Analysis unique?

LifeAire’s Aire~Analysis program offers comprehensive insights regarding specific VOCs, understanding that looking at individual effects are more impactful than a total VOC count. This is because different VOCs are known to influence different outcomes: with widely varying partitioning kinetics profiles and relative toxicity levels, it is crucial that the practitioner knows exactly what chemical species exist in their air. LifeAire’s unique EBTOX scoring system compares reported VOC levels against published toxicity baselines, accounting for models that describe the affinity of the VOC to enter the culture. This system identifies VOCs that pose the most harm to the embryo in terms of toxicity, partitioning kinetics, and clinical outcomes. LifeAire’s results are ultimately packaged in a comprehensive, concise, and informative report.

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What does our Aire~Analysis Include?

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