Air Purification for Commercial Applications and Public Venues

Remediation of Airborne Biologicals.

The Aire~Purity series in-duct modules offer the most comprehensive methodology to kill harmful airborne pathogens. The systems have been genomically and mathematically modeled, and tested towards kill of the anthrax spore and the delivery of a 9-log reduction of biological pathogens.

Fits New Construction or Retrofit Applications.

It simply replaces a section of your planned or existing ductwork. All-weather options are also available for rooftop installations.

Smart, Scalable Design Options.

Available in three standard sizes, and able to be scaled, Aire~Purity efficiently services critical spaces of differing larger sizes and dimensions.

Aire~Purity is patented, multi-staged molecular media and UV technologies that neutralizes up to 89.1% of biological and chemical contaminants within source and return air—in a single pass through the system.

Aire~Purity I

Biological Kill. Perfected.

Technical Specifications

Design Specification Objectives

Biologicals: <1 cfu/m3

Ozone: None

Single Pass Kill

Aire~Purity I 1000

Aire~Purity I 2000

Aire~Purity I 4000

Aire~Purity II

Game-Changing Results.

Technical Specifications

Design Specification Objectives

Total VOCs*: <100 ppb

Biologicals: <1 cfu/m3

Particulates**: ISO Class 6

Ozone: None

Aire~Purity II 1000

Aire~Purity II 2000

Aire~Purity II 4000

*Performance data obtained during testing with certified/calibrated PPB RAE 3000 hand-held photoionization detector (PID).
**ISO 5 can be delivered if required.

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