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Mastering Clinical Embryology: Good Practice, Clinical Biology, Assisted Reproductive Technologies, and Advanced Laboratory Skills

21 Mar 2024 | Chapter 2 written by Kathryn C. Worrilow and Alicia R. Urrutia | CRC Press
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The clinical and environmental effects of an advanced air purification technology in multiple healthcare settings

18 Oct 2023 | Alicia R. Urrutia,Stanislaw P. Stawicki,Charles N. Kimble & Kathryn C. Worrilow Taylor & Francis Online
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Clinical and Economic Outcomes from the Installation of an Advanced Air Purification Technology in a Long Term Care Facility

Jul 2023  |  Urrutia AR, Eid S, Bock KA, and Worrilow KC HSOA Journal of Gerontology and Geriatric Medicine (Herald Scholarly Open Access)
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Clean Room Technology in ART Clinics: A Practical Guide

Sandro C. Esteves, Alex C. Varghese, Kathryn C. Worrilow Amazon
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The Effects of an Advanced Air Purification Technology on Environmental and Clinical Outcomes in a Long-Term Care Facility

03 May, 2023  |  Alicia R Urrutia, BS, Susan D Schlener, BSN, Sherrine Eid, MPH, Kelly A Bock, MBA, Kathryn C Worrilow, Ph.D The Journals ...
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Proven Impact of an Advanced Air Purification System in the Reduction of Infectious Airborne and Surface Pathogens, Concomitant Reduction of Hospital-acquired Infections and Length of Stay, and Improvement in Health-care Economics

Mar 2023  | Stawicki, Stanislaw P.; Urrutia, Alicia Raquel; Kimble, Charles N.; Worrilow, Kathryn Colonna Journal of Global Infectious Diseases
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The Positive Impact of a Novel Air Purification Technology on Environmental and Clinical Outcomes

Jan 2023  |  Susan Schlener, Alicia R. Urrutia, Kathryn C. Worrilow, Kelly Bock NIH National Library of Medicine
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Equilibrium Partitioning Modeling of Low Level Airborne VOCs in Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing Facilities

Jan 2023  |  John T. Fox, Pan Ni, Alicia R. Urrutia, Amos Tsai, Kathryn C. Worrilow Science Direct
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The Effects of Air Purification Technology on Environmental and Clinical Metrics in Two Healthcare Settings

June 2022  |  Stanislaw P. Stawicki, Alicia R. Urrutia, Kathryn C. Worrilow ASHRAE This article or paper was published in ASHRAE Transactions, 128, Part 2, ...
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Modeling the equilibrium partitioning of low concentrations of airborne volatile organic compounds in human IVF laboratories

16 May, 2022  | John T Fox, Pan Ni, Alicia R Urrutia, Huey T Huynh, Kathryn C Worrilow RBMO
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Effectiveness of germicidal ultraviolet light to inactivate coronavirus on personal protective equipment to reduce nosocomial transmission

21 Jun, 2021  |  Carolina Camargo, Adreanne Lupien, Fiona McIntosh, Dick Menzies, Marcel A. Beher, Selena M. Sagan NIH National Library of Medicine
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Economic Effects of Air Purification Technology on Healthcare-Acquired Infection Costs: A Study of Simulated Implementation across Low-and-Middle-Income Regions of the Globe

2021 | Kelley, K. C., S. D. Schlener, L. Levicoff, and S. P. Stawicki International Journal of Academic Medicine
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Installation of an Advanced Air Purification System in a Hospital Setting Led to Improved Environmental and Clinical Outcomes

2021  |  Johansson, L., A. Urrutia, H. Huynh, K.C. Worrilow RenaRum
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Novel In-Line Gas Filter Demonstrates Improved Blastocyst Development and Extended Service Life – A Multi-Center Study.

2021  |  Alouf, C. A., B. Milette, T. A. Chang, S. Delegos. Fertility and Sterility
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The impact of comprehensive air purification on patient duration of stay, discharge outcomes, and health care economics: A retrospective cohort study

02 Sep, 2020 | Stanislaw P. Stawicki, MD, MBA, Samantha Wolfe, MD, Chad Brisendine, MBA, Sherrine Eid, MPH, Matthew Zangari, BA, Frank Ford, MBA, Beverly Snyder, RN, MSHA, William Moyer, MBA, Lee Levicoff, BS, William ...
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The Impact of Comprehensive and Live Air Purification on Health Resource Utilization (HRU)​

2020 | Wolfe, S., C. Brisendine, L. Levicoff, S. Eid., M. Zangari, F. Ford, B. Snyder, W. Moyer, S. P. Stawicki Academic Surgical Congress Abstracts ...
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The Effects of Air Purification Technology on Clinical and Economic Outcomes

2019 Presented at Keystone Chapter of American College of Surgeons Annual Meeting
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Modeling of airborne embryonic volatile compounds (VOCs) in the IVF culture environment – their concomitant cytotoxic concentration within the growth media and embryo.

2019  |  Worrilow, K. C., A. R. Urrutia, H. T. Huynh, J. T. Fox. Fertility and Sterility
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Comprehensive and live air purification as a key environmental, clinical, and patient safety factor: A prospective evaluation

20 Mar, 2019  |  Stanislaw P. Stawicki, Chad Brisendine, Lee Levicoff, Frank Ford, Beverly Snyder, Sherrine Eid and Kathryn C. Worrilow Vignettes in Patient Safety - ...
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Multi-center study: Innovative Control of ambient air quality in multiple IVF laboratories is associated with statistically significant improvements in clinical outcomes – analysis of 5319 cycles.

Sep 2016  |  Palter, S., DiPaola, K., Sparks, A. E., Degelos, S., Koulianos, G. T., Young, J., Halicigil, C., Yalcinkaya, T., She, E., & Bartolucci, ...
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Statistically significant improvements in clinical outcomes using engineered molecular media and genomically modeled ultraviolet light for comprehensive control of Ambient Air (AA) quality.

Sep 2014  |  Forman, M., Sparks, A. E. T., Degelos, S., Koulianos, G., & Worrilow, K. C. Fertility and Sterility
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