Unparalleled Air Purification for Hospitals

LifeAire's® patented air purification for hospitals provides a 24x7 kill/remediation of all airborne bacterial, fungal and viral pathogens

Air purification for hospitals, designed to protect the most demanding, sensitive clinical healthcare environments in the world

The LifeAire System was initially designed to protect the environment of the human embryo in the In Vitro Fertilization laboratory (one of the most sensitive cells to culture in vitro). This meant that it was critical that the system remediate all chemical and biological contaminants from the air. Therefore, the LifeAire System was engineered to kill the anthrax spore, the most difficult biological to kill. Because of its effectiveness towards the anthrax spore, the LifeAire System is able to remediate airborne pathogens such as clostridium difficile, MRSA, aspergillus, influenza, TB, streptococcus, COVID-19, etc., each representing a consistent threat to both the hospital environment and hospital acquired infection (HAI) rate. Today, it is a recognized leader in providing advanced air purification for hospitals, healthcare facilities, IVF programs, and many other applications.
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The Impact of LifeAire's Air Purification for Hospitals

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LifeAire provides advanced air purification for hospitals, removing harmful airborne pathogens and contaminants to reduce the spread of infection and improve patient, and staff, safety. Our system has been installed to protect patient rooms specific to an ICU Medical Surgical floor. The data from 8,255 patients over a one year time period has revealed a reduction in HAIs and readmission rates, a statistically significant decrease in length of stay, improved discharge metrics and overall savings to the hospital. The data has been published in the journal, Surgery. Similarly, the System has been installed to protect the residents on a single floor in a leading senior living facility. The first 9 months of data have demonstrated a statistically significant reduction (39.7%) in HAIs over the control floor. This data is also being prepared for publication in a leading LTC journal.

LifeAire has a deep commitment to air purity.

– Bill Moyer, West Region President for St. Luke's University Health Network and President of St. Luke Allentown Campus

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LifeAire Air Purification for Hospitals, used by the world's leading healthcare organizations

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John Nespoli, President, St. Luke’s University Health Network Carbon County Campuses

LifeAire Systems’ advanced air purification technology is helping protect a children’s ER

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