Aire~BioLite Ultraviolet Air Purification System

Duct-mounted UV biological remediation system based on proven LifeAire flagship technology

Aire~BioLite eliminates the harmful airborne pathogens that are of concern to both businesses and their customers.

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LifeAire Systems, a global innovator of air purification technologies, has created a product specifically for the remediation of airborne biologicals that cause illnesses. Depending on the pathogen, they can remain viable and airborne for hours to several days traveling throughout a facility’s HVAC system.

  • One Aire~BioLite™ every 1000 CFM within a standard 12” x 12” rigid duct, other duct dimensions can be accommodated
  • Installed parallel to airflow, allowing more contact time between particles and UV irradiation
  • Reflectors focus and maximize UV energy
  • Avoids high pressure losses
  • Pressure drop of 0.049” w.g., at 1000 CFM and 12” x 12” duct
  • Ensures continuous remediation of airborne biological contaminants
  • Destroys up to 99.9999% of biological contaminants
  • Destroys 99.998% of COVID-19 in a single pass and 100% within the second pass
  • Flow meter included for unit control
  • External LEDs to indicate lamp status
  • Eliminates pathogens that pass through HEPA filters

Aire~BioLite is the ideal way for many types of customer-facing businesses to add virus security to their facilities.







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