LifeAire neutralizes up to 99.99% of airborne biological and chemical contaminants that can adversely affect IVF outcomes

Why was the LifeAire System created?

Hear from CEO & founder, Dr. Kathryn C. Worrilow

LifeAire CEO & Founder, Dr. Kathryn C. Worrilow, discovered the impact of air quality on embryogenesis over a 10-year period running an IVF facility.

She then conducted a thorough search of the existing market of air purification technologies to find a solution capable of cleaning the air to acceptable levels. When her search came up empty, she decided to create a world-class solution, and thus the LifeAire System was born.

“IVF is an extraordinarily difficult process for couples–emotionally, financially, medically–and not to have control of air quality for them during this time is unacceptable.”

Eliminating all known airborne pathogens that can affect healthy embryogenesis, LifeAire System’s Aire~IVF is clinically proven to significantly improve clinical outcomes. Its patented, multi-staged molecular media and UV technologies combine to neutralize up to 99.99% of biological and chemical contaminants within source and return air—in a single pass through the system.

No other system, in-room or in-duct, has the capability to continuously purify air at the levels guaranteed by LifeAire.

How has LifeAire helped IVF programs?

This graph shows the impact that LifeAire had across several IVF facilities

MULTI-CENTER STUDY: INNOVATIVE CONTROL OF AMBIENT AIR QUALITY IN MULTIPLE IVF LABORATORIES IS ASSOCIATED WITH STATISTICALLY SIGNIFICANT IMPROVEMENTS IN CLINICAL OUTCOMES – ANALYSIS OF 5319 CYCLES – Fertility and Sterility, Vol 106, Issue 3 Supplement, pages e27-28. Accepted for oral presentation, 72nd Annual Meeting of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, Salt Lake City, October, 2016

Read the clinical outcome data of LifeAire’s impact

Statistically significant improvements in clinical outcomes using engineered molecular media and genomically modeled ultraviolet light for comprehensive control of ambient air (AA) quality
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Multi-center study: Innovative control of ambient air quality in multiple IVF laboratories is associated with statistically significant improvements in clinical outcomes
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How has LifeAire impacted IVF patients?

Listen to these parents-to-be from programs across the country

“If anything’s going to help our chances of achieving pregnancy, we wanted it. And just knowing that we were in a lab where even the air is so pure…was just so exciting for us. Hearing the success rates of this clinic was stunning. They realized what the problem was–and they fixed it through LifeAire.”

It’s not just about the air inside the facility

LifeAire helps purify contaminants coming from the outside air too

“About a block to the south of us a restaurant had a fire…You could see the big plumes of smoke. This is a very scary thing. An unanticipated problem that could have dramatically affected our results and yet it did not because we have this system in place. The air from the LifeAire system was completely clean and pristine.” 

What are doctors saying about LifeAire?

“I realized LifeAire truly would absolutely be the best outcome we could offer our patients. The impact of the LifeAire system on our practice has given us the confidence to know that we have the best possible air in the world for our embryos. And that translates into success rates.”

– Dr. Steven Palter, Medical Director | Gold Coast IVF

“Unbelievable–the difference in the pregnancy rates. And the quality of our embryos–fantastic, beautiful.”

– Suzanne Degelos, Ph.D., Laboratory Director | The Center for Reproductive Medicine

“My lead embryologist has performed IVF the same way for many years and believes that the only major change in her protocol has been the addition of the LifeAire System. The System has played a significant role in our outstanding clinical outcomes and is a major reason why we have doubled the number of patients we have treated year over year.”

– Mark Amold, MD | New Directions Fertility Centers, Gilbert, AZ

“Other than the addition of the LifeAire System to our process, we are doing nothing differently. Our single embryo transfer rates have increased from 45% to 65% across all maternal ages.”

– Dr. Abdul Munaf Sultan, MS, PG, PhD | Anova Fertility, Toronto, Canada

“LifeAire represented 10% of my overall investment into our new IVF laboratory. The 10% investment in LifeAire made the remaining 90% of the investment successful.”


– George T. Koulianos, M.D., F.A.C.O.G. | The Infirmary, Mobile, AL