Unparalleled Commercial
Air Purification

LifeAire’s® patented commercial air purification solutions provide a 24×7 kill/remediation that eradicates 99% of airborne pathogens and chemical contaminants in a single pass.

Clinically proven | Evidence-based | 22 global patents
Anthrax kill components initially tested by National Homeland Security Research Center of the EPA

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Commercial Air Purification

Bringing Medical Grade Indoor Air Quality to Everyone

The same medical grade air purification that is protecting leading hospitals is now available to protect the public in sports venues, airports, office buildings, and more.

For over 10 years, LifeAire’s medical grade air purification solutions have been outperforming all other strategies on the market, worldwide – which has made LifeAire the preferred choice of the world’s leading healthcare organizations – including the Mayo Clinic, Stanford, Northwestern, Yale, Duke – and numerous commercial facilities.


Sports Venues


Train Stations


Product Lines for Commercial Applications

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Venue and Commercial Applications

Product Highlights

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Volatile Organic Compounds

Product Highlights

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Small Area Applications

Product Highlights

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Product Highlights

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LifeAire's Impact on Commercial Settings

Reduction in Airborne Pathogens
0 %
Reduction in Facility-Acquired Infections
0 %
Reduction in Harmful Surface Pathogens
0 %

LifeAire Systems is the only air quality company with real-world studies to back it up. Our data is not just backed up by test chambers, it is confirmed from active places and buildings. The data speaks for itself: LifeAire provides medical-grade air quality that could benefit many spaces. With game-changing performance like 39% reduction in infections, 47% reduction in staff sick days, 96% reduction in harmful surface pathogens, and 99.99% reduction in airborne pathogens, it’s clear why LifeAire continues to capture the attention of organizations seeking the very best in air quality for their facilities.

Key Facilities using LifeAire Technology for Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

LifeAire has a deep commitment to air purity.

What are people saying about the LifeAire difference?

Tom Stoudt
Executive Director
Lehigh-Northampton Airport Authority

Cedrick Johnson
Airport Design Consultants Incorporated

Angelo Valletta
President and CEO
Ben Franklin Technology Partners Northeast PA

Dr. Kathryn C. Worrilow
CEO & Founder
LifeAire Systems

Lee Levicoff
VP of Planning and Construction Management
St. Luke’s University Health Network

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Key Partnerships for Optimal Services

Proud Members of the Green Sports Alliance

LifeAire is proud to be part of the Green Sports Alliance as their indoor air quality (IAQ) partner. We work hard in collaborating with teams and stadium management to protect teams, staff, and fans alike!

Meeting International WELL Building Institute's Standards

We pride ourselves in contributing towards meeting the WELL Building Standard®.

WELL requirements cover the performance of materials, not the performance of the individual products or brands.

Working Closely with ASHRAE

LifeAire Systems maintains close partnership with ASHRAE. Our research has been published and presented.

For details on why LifeAire Systems is different than other air purification technologies and how its design offers the best protection in the market, please contact us to schedule a demo.​

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