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Air purification for life sciences focused on eliminating the variable of air

LifeAire’s® air purification solutions for life sciences are a game changer for the industry. Imagine the power of eliminating every single airborne contaminant that compromises the development and production of your biological and pharmaceutical products. Through our patented multi-staged technology, levels of air filtration, purification and inactivation media are paired with powerful irradiation technology to achieve clean, inert air more effectively than with any other air purification system in the world. And thanks to the extreme cleanliness and stability of the resulting air, you’ll reduce your supply air volume—now you can safely recirculate, significantly reducing energy and costs–all with a solution that easily integrates into your existing HVAC system.
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The Benefits of Absolutely Pure Air are Clear

The cultures used in cell and gene therapies are vulnerable to the same environmental toxins found in the sensitive in vitro fertilization environments for which LifeAire was originally designed.

LifeAire’s patented remediation approach has multiple beneficial effects including improvements in healthy cell growth, productivity, and reduced overall cost impact of bioburden failures/batch loss.

Although the specific improvement will depend on the installation, therapy cells, and workforce, the resulting significant increase in productivity and reduction in batch loss is a great boon to manufacturers.

Further, with our one pass “kill” system, air change rates can be significantly reduced (60-90 exchanges in a HEPA-only system vs 15-20 exchanges in a LAS) resulting in significant corresponding energy savings.

LifeAire was Designed for the Most Critical Cleanroom Environments

The LifeAire System was first introduced to help protect the human embryo during the critical 7-day in vitro culture process of in vitro fertilization (IVF). The human embryo has limited means of defense against environmental toxins and represents the most sensitive physiological endpoint to evaluate. LifeAire removes and inactivates 99.99% of biological, chemical and particulate contaminants from this sensitive environment.

The resulting ultra-high purity air quality has increased in vitro fertilization success rates by an unprecedented amount.

Advanced Air Purity Technology for Life Sciences

The Difference Between LifeAire and HEPA Filters

Most air quality remediation techniques for Life Sciences operate in a “capture” paradigm utilizing HEPA filters only, a fixture that physically strains and captures the air for particles greater than a certain size. LifeAire uses a unique combination of “capture” and “kill” techniques, that exploit multiple physical properties—chemical affinities, biological weaknesses, and particle size—to produce superior quality air.

The LifeAire System employs a specific UV array killing many of the most common and deadly problem biologicals and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). This kill step significantly reduces viable bioburden that would pass through a system containing only HEPA filters. Any biological material that does pass through our final stage filter has been rendered inviable, a marked improvement in sterility over the “capture-only” method.

Further, any bioburden introduced to the environment via equipment or personnel will be recirculated back through our technology. This adds another significant risk reduction mechanism to any unwanted growth, batch loss, or sterility-based product recall from an initial breach.

The significantly cleaner air from the LifeAire approach is shown in this comparison chart of LifeAire vs. HEPA filters.

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