Air for Life: How LifeAire Systems began

A Personal Story: The Genesis of LifeAire

Like many great inventions, LifeAire Systems was created as the result of a need. Kathryn C. Worrilow, Ph.D., a leading embryologist has spent over two decades researching the causes of positive and negative spikes in clinical outcomes in In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) laboratories. Through exhaustive study, research and a painstaking process of elimination, she determined that one of the greatest negative influences in the IVF laboratory environment was that of the ambient air surrounding the IVF process.

A piece of the puzzle solved.

Dr. Worrilow’s research proved that external events occurring completely out of the control of the IVF program could negatively impact successful human embryogenesis. These events, as simple and seemingly innocuous to the safe confines of IVF laboratories or a clean room environment, such as road paving, construction, vehicle exhaust, seasonal changes, etc., produce thousands of embryotoxic compounds unstoppable by any singular means of defense…until now.

Working with a team of chemists, engineers and physicists, the patented multi-stage LifeAire Systems air purification system was developed. The staged technology addresses and remediates all airborne chemicals and biological pathogens. IVF laboratories, for the first time, can control and therefore remove the variable of ambient air from their process. Installation of the LifeAire system, in tandem with best clinical practices, has resulted in amazing success stories from both healthcare professionals and most importantly, their patients.

A new tomorrow.

Today LifeAire Systems has installations in IVF laboratories across the United States and is quickly moving to international adoption. Dr. Worrilow’s research is read and presented at conferences and in webinars around the world. Her singular goal is to help colleagues remove the variable of air and maximize their clinical outcomes. As awareness of the revolutionary capabilities of LifeAire’s technology grows, it is clear applications of LifeAire Systems’ technology are far reaching in a multitude of critical environments.

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