Services Overview

Only LifeAire® Systems guarantees the air purity being delivered to your clinical space!

At LifeAire Systems, we take a full-system approach to every project, poring decades of scientific, clinical, engineering and contracting experience into providing and maintaining pristine air for facilities and clinical procedure rooms.

The LifeAire system works as seamlessly with existing air systems as it does with new construction, and many are surprised to learn how easily the technology is installed. Additionally, once your LifeAire system is up and running, we’re ready with experienced, knowledgeable personnel whose sole purpose is to help you leverage LifeAire’s patented technology to increase your success.

From technical to educational, engineering to maintenance, our support staff is here to serve.

LifeAire Systems

  • LifeAire Systems-certified, full-system implementation, service and maintenance
  • Competitive component replacement costs
  • Excellent price-to-value relationship
  • Professional, on-going partnership between IVF program, HVAC design, installation and maintenance engineers and contractors


  • Clinical, laboratory, and business staff training on the role that air quality plays in pre-implantation toxicology, human embryogenesis and clinical outcomes


  • Building and laboratory floor plan review (for new & existing buildings)
  • Building HVAC review (for existing buildings)
  • Calculation of appropriate number and size of rooms to be serviced by the LifeAire System
  • Location identification for indoor and outdoor system
  • Development of partnership between your HVAC design, installation and maintenance engineers and contractors
  • Determination of the most effective room pressure relationships
  • Determination of the most effective location of the source air
  • Selection of the best supply air to the LifeAire System and the rooms being serviced

Installation and Maintenance

  • Coordination of installation with your HVAC installation contractors
  • HVAC maintenance team training on the commissioning/startup, functioning and maintenance of the LifeAire System
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