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Automated, on-site, on-time detection of airborne pathogens.
Continuous monitoring, rapid detection.

(Aire~SECURE was formerly known as Aire~Pathogen Alert.)
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Rapid Reader—Rapid Microbial Detection System

Aire~SECURE is a patented rapid microbial detection sensor that facilitates remote monitoring of airborne pathogens (bacteria, yeasts and molds) and revolutionizes the approach to pathogen detection and control.


The Aire~SECURE Rapid Reader significantly shortens contamination detection times and automates the sampling, monitoring and detection process. The sensor is connected to the cloud-based monitoring and alert system so you can receive alerts whenever contamination is detected.

  • Low cost wireless installation
  • No incubation or analysis period

  • Less intervention

  • Detection specificity

  • Continuous cloud-based monitoring

  • Traditional presentation of results

  • Isolation of contamination sources with multiple monitored points

The RAPID Reader has been engineered to periodically draw a sample of ambient air into the accompanying cartridge, where spores and microbes present in the air have time to settle on the nutrient-rich detection site. Optical density measurements on growth facilitation media determine if microbial contamination is present.

Cartridge System

  • Cartridges are designed to be easily exchanged without risk of contamination.
  • Cartridges are tailored to detect specific pathogens.
Cartridge Specifications Pathogen Type Tested
Aspergillus Mold Yes
E-Coli Gram negative bacteria Yes
Cronobacter Sakazaki Gram negative bacteria Yes
Listeria Gram negative bacteria Yes
Legionella Gram negative bacteria Yes
Staphylococcus Aureus Gram negative bacteria Yes
Mycobacterium Tuberculosis Ongoing

Technical Specifications

Inputs 100-240V International Adapter DC9V +/- 10%, 1A (Supplied)
Wireless Outputs ZibBee 2.4 GHz
Temperature Range Operating Temperature (°F)
Storage Temperature (°F)
60 – 86
35 – 46
Humidity Range % RH continuous 40 – 100
Enclosure IP rating for indoor installation IP 10
Air Flow Volume of air sampled/hr 0.6 m3