Air Purification for In Vitro Fertilization

Scientifically Proven to Improve IVF Outcomes.

Eliminating all known airborne pathogens that can affect healthy embryogenesis, Aire~IVF is clinically proven to significantly improve clinical outcomes. Its patented multi-staged molecular media and UV technologies combine to neutralize up to 99.99% of biological and chemical contaminants within source and return air—in a single pass through the system. No other system, in-room or in-duct, has the capability to continuously purify air at the levels guaranteed by LifeAire.

Fits New Construction or Retrofit Applications.

Whether part of new construction or integrated into an existing facility, Aire~IVF features an indoor design as well as all-weather option for rooftop installations. The system is available in three sizes to accommodate air volume outputs of 1000, 2000 and 4000 CFM.

Technical Specifications

Design Specification Objectives

Total VOCs: <100 ppb

Biologicals: <1 cfu/m3

Particulates: ISO Class 6

Ozone: None

Aire~IVF 1000

Aire~IVF 2000

Aire~IVF 4000

*Data obtained during testing with certified/calibrated PPB RAE 3000 hand-held photoionization detector (PID).

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