LifeAire Systems‘ Air Purification Technology Protecting Ben Franklin TechVentures Against COVID-19

Ben Franklin TechVentures® has installed an air purification system that removes up to 99% of COVID-19 pathogens in a single pass through the system. These transformational and advanced air purification systems are from Ben Franklin Technology Partners of Northeastern Pennsylvania client LifeAire Systems, LLC.

“With many of our clients operating as essential businesses since the beginning of the pandemic, adding another layer of safety is key to returning to normal,” said Anthony Durante, Ben Franklin’s Manager of Entrepreneurial Support. “We are delighted to be using LifeAire’s product to safeguard people in our TechVentures business incubator.”

“Thanks to Ben Franklin’s retiring CEO Chad Paul for having the vision to have these crucial air purifying units installed,” said Angelo J. Valletta, BFTP/NEP President. “The system will protect our award-winning facility, clients, and visitors now and into the future.”

LifeAire Systems’ solutions provide a continuous and dynamic kill of airborne pathogens 24/7 without losing the operational use of the space. The solution features air purification technology that aggressively remediates infectious biological pathogens, including COVID-19, influenza, and other infectious bacterial, fungal, and viral pathogens from both the outside and recirculated air within the protected space.

The remediation mechanisms used in LifeAire Systems’ technology destroy the DNA and RNA of airborne pathogens by factoring in all metrics of the space being protected. These metrics include but are not limited to, the volume of air in the space, all ductwork metrics, existing HVAC constraints, building materials, and resonance time. All computational metrics are modeled to assure that infectious airborne pathogens, including COVID-19, are comprehensively remediated or killed in a single pass of air through the LifeAire System. In addition, the systems have been designed to provide protection without generating any toxic byproducts, ozone, or intermediate molecules.

“We have been a science-based technology and IP company since our inception,” said LifeAire Founder and CEO, Dr. Kathryn C. Worrilow.  “Our desire to provide the highest level of patient care drove the genesis of our transformational technology. Because our technology was originally designed to protect the human embryo by removing all chemical and infectious airborne pathogens during In Vitro Fertilization, the design bar was set very high. A decade of delivering excellence in this important area means that we can provide the same trusted quality of air for a diverse array of environments: business, healthcare, education, transportation, entertainment, and others.”

“Unfortunately, we’ve heard from many that the topic of air quality has become confusing, and that there have been undocumented and opportunistic marketing claims from some companies,” continues Worrilow. “The EPA is investigating companies that are making fraudulent claims that lack evidence. This underscores the importance of doing your homework and requesting proof through multiple real-world studies. At LifeAire Systems, we are fully transparent with the science, data, and peer-reviewed publications from numerous large clinical studies demonstrating the delivery of our technology and impact on wellness and patient care. Our products are time tested and proven to provide the exact air quality for which they were engineered to deliver. As part of the Ben Franklin family, we are beyond proud to help protect their facility and provide a safe workplace for their staff and clients.”

“The capability of LifeAire’s industry-leading air purification system to kill the COVID-19 virus makes it the obvious choice for TechVentures and the safety of our resident companies,” adds Durante. “Purchasing an inexpensive system that doesn’t work would be money wasted and short-sighted.”