Lehigh Valley’s LifeAire Systems “Getting Stuff Done” at New International Airport Terminal Opening

This standard, “establishes minimum requirements to reduce the risk of disease transmission by exposure to infectious aerosols in new buildings, existing buildings, and major renovations”. The key driver for the development of Standard 241 was “discussion between ASHRAE and the White House COVID-19 Response Team about the need for new and better IAQ (indoor air quality) standards. ASHRAE was encouraged to take the lead in developing a new standard for control of airborne pathogens.”

Canadian Wildfire Smoke – Please Stay Safe

Air quality is in the news again – the result of the horrific wildfire in Canada spreading smoke and hazardous particles across the eastern United States. Air quality alerts are active all along the coast from New Hampshire down to South Carolina, and beyond, prompting all, in particular, those with respiratory sensitivities to take precautions and remain indoors as much as possible.

2022 Dinner by Starlight

After two years of celebrating Dinner by Starlight virtually, we are excited to be gathering in person in 2022! This year, our Honorary Star is Dr. Kathryn C. Worrilow, Founder and CEO …