St. Luke’s University Health Network publishes study on the impact of LifeAire Systems’ Technology

Newly published in the journal, Surgery, “The impact of comprehensive air purification on patient duration of stay, discharge outcomes, and health care economics: A retrospective cohort study”.

Infectious airborne and surface pathogens constitute a substantial and poorly explored source of patient subclinical illness and infections. With that in mind, a system of advanced air purification technology was designed to destroy the DNA and RNA of all bacteria, fungi, and viruses. This study compares the effects of advanced air purification technology versus high efficiency particulate air filtration with respect to certain metrics of health care economics and resource utilization at a large, community-based, urban hospital. Our hypothesis was that the use of the advanced air purification technology would decrease health care durations of stay, lead to fewer nonhome discharges, and decrease hospital charges.

LifeAire CEO and Founder, Dr. Kathryn C. Worrilow added, “Congratulations to all, in particular, our visionary colleagues at St. Luke’s University Health Network, for their publication in the journal, Surgery – a comprehensive study examining the impact of the LifeAire Systems’ technology towards improved patient care and healthcare economics!”