Colorado IVF Facility Protected from Wildfire Smoke by LifeAire Systems

As wildfires rage across California and Colorado, the nation is focused on the health and safety of people in the direct line of the approaching threat and in the nearby areas. For those close to the fires, concern also turns to air quality and its potential hazardous effect on sensitive healthcare environments.

From one of LifeAire’s customers in the Colorado area, Denver Fertility Albrecht Women’s Care, comes a timely comment on the active fires in the nearby mountains, whose smoke is a danger to the facility’s operation and laboratory environments.

“With all these wildfires in the mountains, I am really appreciating LifeAire this week!”, said Michael Baker, PhD, Lab Director. “The poor air quality outside is causing a visible haze over the city and everyone is complaining about their breathing, asthma and overall health. In the lab, it’s a non-issue and embryos are growing as well as ever!”

“We’re watching closely as the fires in both Colorado and California are impacting so many. It’s not the first time our LifeAire customers have been near to these dangers,” said LifeAire Systems Founder and CEO, Dr. Kathryn C. Worrilow. “It is such positive news to hear that their clinical embryo environments remain protected by this airborne threat. One of the driving forces behind the design of our technology was to eliminate environmental events from threatening the culture environment of the embryo, such as construction, road resurfacing, building fires, wildfires, traffic exhaust, etc. We hope that all stay safe in the coming weeks and that this threat can be brought under control soon.”

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