LifeAire to Present at European Human Reproduction Conference

Join LifeAire at the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE) 2019, June 23-26 in Vienna.

LifeAire’s Founder & CEO, Dr. Kathryn C. Worrilow, will present details of a study – entitled, “Novel Modeling of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) in Culture Media, Embryos and Mechanisms of Cytotoxicity” – outlining the critical role that Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) play in preimplantation toxicology and epigenetic processes. Through evaluation of over 40 IVF laboratories, Dr. Worrilow’s team identi­fied the mean total VOC (TVOC) levels and 6 most common VOCs with potentially-harmful impact. The study focuses on how VOCs exert a negative influence on blastocyst conversion, implantation, and clinical pregnancy rates, highlighting the importance of immediate and effective remediation protocols.

Last year, LifeAire announced receiving CE mark certification for its line of in-duct air purification technologies, facilitating the introduction of its transformational technology into the European healthcare market. Since its introduction into the market in 2014, the LifeAire technology has been instrumental in helping IVF clinics achieve industry-leading performance metrics in high pregnancy rates and reduced loss rates, often up to 20% above industry averages.

Joining LifeAire at the conference will be Dr. Lars Johansson, who brings over 30 years of experience in human assisted reproductive technology (ART) helping 1000s of ART clinics around the world. Throughout his career, Dr. Johansson developed specialties in improving outcomes by focusing on the exposure of culture media, gametes and embryos to environmental toxins. He has also been actively involved in the research, design and development of new equipment for human ART.

With Dr. Johansson’s close alignment to LifeAire’s mission of enhancing the care of IVF patients, he is working with LifeAire to help introduce this transformational solution to programs throughout Europe.

Among the first installations in Europe/UK using the LifeAire Systems solution is London-based King’s Fertility. “Kings Fertility (London) is proud to be the first IVF program in the UK to implement the LifeAire technology”, said Anastasia Mania, Quality/Lab Manager. “LifeAire has been a part of the largest cohort study of air quality and its impact on embryogenesis. This peer-reviewed clinical data speaks for itself and was a major reason that we incorporated LifeAire as our air purification system of choice. To date, we are extremely pleased with the clinical outcome data at our state of the art facility. The patented LifeAire technology has played a major role in our success.”

Visit LifeAire Systems in Booth A11 at the ESHRE conference. For more information about LifeAire Systems and its technologies, please visit