LifeAire’s new targets: hospitals, nursing homes, pharma

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By Jennifer Glose, February 29, 2016 - Lehigh Valley Business - While leaving Lehigh Valley Hospital-Cedar Crest in Salisbury Township after a typical day at work, Kathryn C. Worrilow was walking through the parking lot when she noticed fumes wafting from the freshly resurfaced asphalt of the MedEvac helicopter [...]

LifeAire Systems – Question & Answer

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Find out more about the LifeAire System. Learn how we support the entire process, from consideration of a system to operational clinical space. Our team of Consulting experts and engineers, work side by side with you and your team to provide a cost efficient and streamlined installation of the technology. [...]

Dr. Cihan Halicigil: Air Quality Control in Reproductive Laboratories — The Importance of Implementation, Measurement and Control

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Blog post from Dr. Cihan Halicigil, Chief Embryologist, Carolinas Fertility Institute — A LifeAire-protected IVF program Creating an optimal environment for embryo culture has been shown to significantly improve embryo viability and promote a positive pregnancy outcome. A number of factors including air quality, temperature, and light, are known [...]