LifeAire Announces Strategic Partnership with Financing Firm to Make Pure Air Even More Accessible

Consistent with LifeAire’s vision of helping healthcare facilities provide the optimal clinical environment for the benefit of their patients, LifeAire has today announced the formation of a strategic partnership with New Jersey-based Marlin Capital Solutions, a leading provider of credit products and services to small businesses.

The partnership comes at a time of great interest in the cytotoxic role that airborne volatile organic compounds, or VOCs, play in sensitive healthcare cleanroom environments—such as In Vitro Fertilization laboratories and gene/cell therapy living cell environments. LifeAire’s patented, multi-stage air purification technologies allow such facilities to eliminate up to 99.99% of all known biological and chemical contaminants, thus comprehensively removing the cytotoxic influence of airborne contaminants. In clinical studies measuring the impact of LifeAire on cleanroom operations, results have been dramatic, at times raising facilities to industry-leading performance.

“Our goal for LifeAire is to comprehensively eliminate air as a variable with the ongoing potential to negatively impact the success of the human embryo, living cell and therefore patient care”, said LifeAire Founder and CEO, Dr. Kathryn C. Worrilow.

“For many IVF programs throughout the country, adopting this type of technology becomes a capital expense and one that requires planning—both financially and physically in terms of construction and implementation. Through a strategic partnership with Marlin Capital Solutions, we are bringing an added solution to our customers from an organization that also appreciates the importance of our mission. We are proud to be announcing this new addition of support for our customers, and our customers-to-be. We are hopeful that it places LifeAire within easier reach of even more of the national network of IVF programs, and in a supporting way also benefits the thousands of future parents-to-be with success stories!”

For more information about Marlin Capital Solutions, or to inquire about financing solutions for the LifeAire System, please contact Bill Waddell at Marlin.

About Marlin

Marlin is a nationwide provider of capital solutions to small businesses. For over 20 years, Marlin has offered lending products directly to small business owners as well as financing programs to equipment manufacturers, distributors, dealers and others. Marlin and its wholly-owned operating subsidiary, Marlin Business Bank, are publicly traded (MRLN). For more information about Marlin, visit