Downloadable Press Kit

Are you a journalist or blogger researching air purity in critical care environments? Whether you are developing a story on controlling Hospital Acquired Infections or reporting on LifeAire’s impact on successful IVF outcomes, our downloadable press kit is a great resource. The kit provides current information and data on the impact of air purification and critical environments, along with background on LifeAire Systems, press releases and biographies of key staff. For media inquiries, or to schedule Dr. Worrilow for an interview or speaking engagement, please contact Jill Willie, Public Relations Director, [email protected], (cell) 504.432.6730.

1. 2016 ASRM Release: Double-digit Improvement in Pregnancy Rates as Result of LifeAire Systems’ Tec
1a. infographic: 14.7% Increase in Ongoing Pregnancy Rates 10-16
2. Air Guarantee 10-16: LifeAire Systems Guarantees Purity of Air Filtered through its System
3. Outbreaks 10-16: Discussion of Infection Prevention Technologies
4. Company Information and Background 10-16
5. Biographies 10-16