LifeAire Technology Expands to China

LifeAire Systems is pleased to announce that their patented technology is now in operation at The Fertility Center at Fujian Medical Center, in Quanzhou, China. This state of the art facility has been designed by Ellen She, M.D., Ph.D. Dr. She has had prior experience with the LifeAire System at New England Fertility Institute in Stamford, CT. and based on that experience she saw fit to pioneer the introduction of the technology as part of this new facility in China.

The commissioning of the Aire IVF™~4000, the largest standard sized LifeAire System unit designed specifically for IVF application, was managed by LifeAire’s distribution team in China, Shanghai Medical TOB (lead by Mr. Xu Fang), and by Michael Magee of LifeAire Systems, U.S. Sales and Operations Team. Technical support was also provided by Mr. David Hopely of Next Gen Life Labs.

This IVF facility is located in a University affiliated teaching hospital and is truly one of the most elegant, sophisticated and well equipped facilities that the commissioning team has ever seen. According to Mr. Magee, the equipment array is cutting edge, with many vendors and all the latest innovation included in the design. It seems a perfect teaching facility and students who are fortunate enough to learn clinical IVF practices there should be well equipped to carry their knowledge forward for patients everywhere.

LifeAire Systems is very grateful to have been included in this excellent facility and looks forward to further development in the Chinese market.