Mike Magee presents at Fifth annual Southwest Embryology Summit

The Southwest Embryology Summit is held early each year in Las Vegas, NV. Participants gather from across the country for this exciting conference. The main goal of the meeting is to present current topics in IVF, share recent advances in assisted reproduction technologies, and to encourage open and vigorous discussion among all attendees. This summit offers attendees the ability to share their experiences, concerns and questions.

LifeAire thanks everyone for this exciting conference and looks forward to participating again next year.

Magee’s presentation, “The Role of Ambient Air in Preimplantation Toxicology and it’s Impact on Clinical Outcome in In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)” was well received with robust discussion throughout. Mike is pictured to the right with Kimball Pomeroy, Ph.D, Scientific Director of the World Egg Bank.