Canadian Wildfire Smoke – Please Stay Safe

Air quality is in the news again – the result of the horrific wildfire in Canada spreading smoke and hazardous particles across the eastern United States. Air quality alerts are active all along the coast from New Hampshire down to South Carolina, and beyond, prompting all, in particular, those with respiratory sensitivities to take precautions and remain indoors as much as possible.  

LifeAire is no stranger to these conditions. The medical facilities we help are particularly vulnerable to airborne pollution and are keeping close tabs on the impact of the threatening smoke. For In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) programs needing parts per billion (PPB) levels of chemical pathogens or volatile organic compounds, fine smoke can be persistent and find its way past conventional air filtration systems such that embryogenesis is adversely impacted.  Our technology was designed to protect the cultured embryos, staff, and patients from both unexpected and common environmental events as well as those occurring within the space.

We have been receiving numerous calls from IVF programs along the East Coast who are using our air purification technology.  They are sharing the great news that their patients’ embryos are protected and are kindly thanking us for the level of protection in place. LifeAire’s air purification technology extends well beyond the conventional filtration systems with a multi-staged approach to prevent the smallest, and most difficult to kill, airborne particles from reaching sensitive medical spaces.

We are beyond relieved to know that these IVF programs and embryos are protected, and that their patients, future parents, and staff remain safe and healthy throughout this difficult time.  Our technology was designed specifically for our patients.


To all – please stay safe.