Hygeia IVF Embryogenesis Recognized as a LifeAire Center of Excellence

Hygeia IVF Embryogenesis is the newest and largest state-of -the-art IVF Clinic in Athens, Greece. The Clinic is a member of the Hellenic Healthcare Group, and opened in January 2022, after the merger of two historic IVF Units, IVF Mitera and Embryogenesis. Hygeia IVF Embryogenesis offers the full range of assisted reproduction treatments, and has active research and educational programs.

What are you most proud of at your program?

Hygeia IVF Embryogenesis boasts a brand new laboratory with the latest equipment, including 5 time-lapse incubators, RI witness, artificial intelligence for embryo evaluation, laser systems, constant monitoring system (log and guard) of lab conditions, and of course LifeAire IVF air purification system.

Why did you decide to take action to improve your facility’s air purity?

The decision to install LifeAire IVF for air purification was taken early in the design steps of the new laboratory. Therefore, our Embryology Laboratory has benefited from the cleanest air from the very beginning of its operation.

Air quality is of paramount importance for optimal embryo development and the achievement of high pregnancy rates.

Why did you choose LifeAire in particular?

LifeAire IVF is a specialized air purification system, particularly designed for IVF laboratories, neutralizing toxic and pathogenic airborne factors almost completely.

“Setting up a new IVF laboratory with a capacity for >5000 cycles/annum is a highly complex process, with numerous factors potentially affecting embryo development and pregnancy rates. Installing LifeAire IVF provided us with the reassurance that air quality was of the highest quality. We have confirmed the benefit of clean air in our Lab with excellent pregnancy rates from the very beginning of our lab’s operation.”

Ioannis Sfontouris, IVF Laboratory Director, Hygeia IVF Embryogenesis

Medical Leadership

Ioannis Zervomanolokis, M.D., Medical Director

Evangelos Makrakis, Ph.D., Scientific Director


Hygeia IVF Embryogenesis

15 Fleming Str, Marousi,

Athens, Greece

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