Fertility Answers in Lafayette | Ovation as a LifeAire Center of Excellence

Fertility Answers was founded in 2002 by reproductive endocrinologist John Storment MD utilizing state-of-the-art, evidence-based medical treatments. Two full-service clinics and IVF labs in Lafayette and Baton Rouge, LA, serve South Louisiana using the latest techniques and technologies, such as IVF, ICSI, PGT, and blastocyst transfer. We proudly provide compassionate, convenient and collaborative care for those individuals and couples experiencing infertility and the dream of building a family.

What are you most proud of at your program?

Each year since 2004, both the number of patients completing IVF and the overall pregnancy rates have increased.  One unique characteristics of our program is the regular collaboration between the clinical and lab team, all with the same goal of helping build families.

Why did you decide to take action to improve your facility’s air purity?

We built a new lab in our current facility in 2020.   We knew that we must do everything necessary to maintain and improve our pregnancy rates in the new space.  The data supporting air purity as a primary influence on outcomes is significant.  It was a no brainer.

Why did you choose LifeAire in particular?

We consulted several facilities already using LifeAire and reviewed the pregnancy rates of practices that use LifeAire.  It is clear that they are the gold standard in the industry.

“From the first phone call until the final installation, they were the quintessential professionals.   They took care of everything. “ John Storment, Medical Director

“Lifeaire provides excellent customer service. They were an asset during the design and construction phase. Extremely knowledgeable and helpful with any questions before, during or after.” Chelsey Leisinger, PhD, HCLD, Laboratory Director

How would you describe the impact LifeAire has had on your program?

The LifeAire system had an immediate positive impact on the program. Our brand-new lab passed the initial QC evaluation the first time. We saw an increase in our blastocyst rate in the new lab compared to our old lab. Historically, we would see a slight dip in rates when the sugarcane fields were being harvested and burned. Once we opened the new lab with the LifeAire system we haven’t noticed any change during that time of year. We are much more protected from outside influences.

How would you describe the impact LifeAire has had on your patients?

Patients in general, don’t know to ask about specifics of the lab unless they have continued poor outcomes.  Air purification is such an entity. Our patients’ favorable outcomes is the biggest impact this system could have.  Some patients ask “what makes a lab good or not”.  In addition to skill of the embryology team, it is the environment of the lab itself.

LifeAire Systems is committed to delivering the very best in healthcare to patients around the world and supporting organizations who have this same important priority. We view each program in our growing LifeAire family of customer organizations as a “Center of Excellence”—so named to reflect the ongoing efforts by these organizations to provide industry-leading healthcare environments for the communities they serve.

We congratulate all of our Centers of Excellence on their ongoing commitment to patient care.

Medical Leadership

John Storment, M.D., Medical Director

Susan Conway, M.D.

Neil Chappell, M.D.


Chelsey Leisinger, PhD, Laboratory Director

Fertility Answers of Lafayette

206 Farrel Road,
Lafayette, LA 70508