Davies Fertility and IVF Specialists Recognized as a LifeAire Center of Excellence

At Davies Fertility & IVF Specialists, S.C., our mission is to provide a dedicated team approach towards our patients, and their fertility journey, rooted in individualized, compassionate care. Our goal is to help our patients achieve a successful pregnancy, in a welcoming and relaxing environment, where they will feel comfortable. We hold ourselves accessible and accountable to our patients and their needs.

What are you most proud of at your program?

We pride ourselves on patient satisfaction.  Infertility can be a struggle for patients to face, and we want to help them alleviate as much stress as possible during every aspect of their journey. 

Why did you decide to take action to improve your facility’s air purity?

When we relocated our lab from a hospital setting to an outpatient surgical center, we wanted to maintain our high standards for providing superior air quality, to best meet our patient’s needs.

Why did you choose LifeAire in particular?

We did extensive research on all of the air purification systems that are available, and determined that LifeAire provides advanced technology and support. This ensures providing the best air quality possible, which contributes towards positive outcomes for our patients.

Please supply 1-2 quotes from your team that we could share with readers. Include names and titles of people issuing the quotes.

“We breathe easy at Davies Fertility knowing LifeAire nourishes our embryos growth”  Ryan von Holst M.SC.

Please describe the project of implementing the LifeAire System at your location.

When we relocated our IVF lab, we completely remodeled our new space, choosing the best products and materials, to help create an optimal patient care environment.  As part of this upgrade, the HVAC contractors were able to adapt the mechanicals to allow the LifeAire System to be fitted into the building.  There was an ideal location for the unit to be placed directly above our IVF lab, and the installation went smoothly.

How would you describe the impact LifeAire has had on your program? In other words, do you feel more protected, and confident, your patient’s embryos are protected from outside influences?

We are confident that the LifeAire System completely protects against anything in the air that would be detrimental to our embryology services, and also contributes towards the healthy growth of embryos in our care. There is nothing more important to us!

LifeAire Systems is committed to delivering the very best in healthcare to patients around the world and supporting organizations who have this same important priority. We view each program in our growing LifeAire family of customer organizations as a “Center of Excellence”—so named to reflect the ongoing efforts by these organizations to provide industry-leading healthcare environments for the communities they serve.

We congratulate all of our Centers of Excellence on their ongoing commitment to patient care.

Medical Leadership

Susan Davies, MD, Medical Director

Lisa Ray, MS, ELD, Laboratory Director

Davies Fertility & IVF Specialists, S.C.

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