LifeAire Joins Panel at InterPhex 2020


“Advancements in Cell and Gene Therapy”

From this year’s InterPhex 2020, a virtual panel discussion on advancements in cell and gene therapy, joined by LifeAire Systems CEO & Founder, Dr. Kathryn C. Worrilow. Please click the video link above to watch the presentation. Contact us to continue the discussion about challenges or advancements in your own organization.


  • Katy Worrilow, PhD, Founder and CEO, LifeAire Systems, LLC
  • Amos Thai, PhD, Principal Scientist, Janssen Research & Development
  • Audrey Greenberg, Co-Founder and Executive Managing Director, The Discovery Labs
  • Norman Goldschmidt, President, Genesis AEC
  • Diane Blumenthal, Head of Technical Operations, Spark Therapeutics, Inc.


  • Russ Somma, PhD, President, SommaTech Consulting

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