First European Installation at King’s Fertility, United Kingdom

LifeAire Systems’ Air Purification Technology Delivers Exceptional Clinical Outcomes

After many successful installations in the United States, LifeAire Systems has installed the first CE-certified Aire~VOC™ system in Europe at King’s Fertility in the United Kingdom. The unit was installed and operational in the spring of 2019. Using technology from the full-scale Aire~IVF® system, the Aire~VOC in-duct module offers the most comprehensive methodology to capture and neutralize VOCs proven to negatively impact successful embryogenesis. The Aire~VOC is sized specific to the area to be protected, is seamless to install, and simply replaces a section of existing ductwork.

Clinical Results Following the Aire~VOC Installation at King’s Fertility

The results listed below are from 821 patient cycles immediately prior to the LifeAire installation and 746 patient cycles immediately following the LifeAire System installation.

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