Keystone Edge features LifeAire Systems in Company Spotlight

The human embryo is incredibly sensitive. Tiny changes in the air — dust, pathogens, bacteria — can impact the cells.

“People really don’t think about the air,” explains LifeAire Systems Founder and CEO Kathryn C. Worrilow, Ph.D., who worked for years in In-Vitrofertilization before launching her company. “It took a total of 10 years to identify the problem and the environment a human embryo needs to prosper and survive.

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About LifeAire Systems – LifeAire Systems is an innovative healthcare technology company that discovers, develops, manufactures and commercializes revolutionary air filtration systems exclusively for the healthcare and life sciences industry. The company’s air filtration systems remove pathogens and other contaminants from the air creating a healthier environment for patients and for medical staff, enabling a significant improvement in clinical outcomes. For additional information about the company, please visit