Advanced Air Purification Fertility Clinic Moves To Farmington, CT

Farmington, CT – One of the country’s few fertility clinics to use an advanced air purification system has opened in town.

The Center for Advanced Reproductive Services, formerly located at UConn Health, recently opened on 2 Batterson Park Road.

Chief Operating Officer Paul Verrastro said the new facility uses a LifeAire System, which has been known to dramatically increase clinical pregnancies through in vitro fertilization.

“It is the most state of the art technology of its kind,” Verrastro said. “In fact, few centers in the country have it, it’s so new.”

With the LifeAire System, he said air is pushed out of the in vitro fertilization lab instead of being pulled in.

He said the clinic brought in an internationally recognized environmental consultant who tested the air quality for three days. The consultant said it was the best air quality she had ever tested in the country and potentially in the world, Verrastro said.

“Embryos, unlike human beings, have no immune system. They are very sensitive and susceptible to what is going on in the environment around them,” Verrastro said. “If those negative variables find themselves into an IVF lab environment, embryos struggle to thrive and develop.”

The clinic started doing procedures on Feb. 1 and Verrastro said the preliminary results in the new facility have exceeded their expectations. He said they have seen an enormous improvement in embryo development, resulting in positive pregnancies.

The clinic is still affiliated with the University of Connecticut School of Medicine and runs the fellowship program in Reproductive Medicine and Infertility at the University of Connecticut Health Center, according to a press release.

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