LifeAire Systems Announces Dramatic Increases In Clinical Pregnancy Rates Through In Vitro Fertilization As a Result of Revolutionary New Technology

Data shows direct correlation between quality of the ambient air and clinical outcomes – technology promising in all critical care environments and air security*

Honolulu, Hawaii (October 22, 2014) – New data has demonstrated dramatic increases in clinical pregnancies through In Vitro Fertilization across the United States where fertility programs have utilized a revolutionary new technology known as LifeAire Systems. The data, resulting from a four-year study, has demonstrated a direct correlationbetween the removal of airborne pathogens and clinical outcomes.

Couples and individuals facing fertility issues can now realistically hope for improved results in what can be an emotionally and financially difficult process in their attempts to achieve pregnancy.

“We are absolutely thrilled with the clinical outcome data that our colleagues are sharing with us from LifeAire installations around the United States,” said Kathryn C. Worrilow, Ph. D., founder of LifeAire Systems, LLC. “The efficiency of the IVF process has improved dramatically across the board. One program went from 40% clinical pregnancy rate to 60% changing nothing in their process but adding a LifeAire System. The numbers have been overwhelming in all maternal age groups.”

The study, which was collective of data from IVF laboratories across the United States protected by the LifeAire System, demonstrated the percentage change in all key clinical categories inclusive of all maternal ages. The study compared the same outcome rates before and after the LifeAire System installation. The data showed an improvement in implantation rates from 28.4% to 42.6%. Clinical pregnancy rates increased from 56.7% to 67.3%; ongoing pregnancy rates increased from 39.0% to 53.5%; and loss rates or miscarriage rates decreased from 32.4% to 20.6%.

LifeAire Systems technology was created by Dr. Worrilow, a leading embryologist, who painstakingly sought answers to unexplained positive and negative changes in clinical outcomes in IVF laboratories. After learning that the unexpected presence of airborne pathogens played a significant role during a decline in their clinical pregnancy rates, further research demonstrated that existing air filtration systems were unable to remove airborne contaminants to the level required for the human embryo.

Many of the pathogens, both chemical and biological, were produced by a variety of common external events long overlooked because of the use of air filtration systems. These events include, but not limited to, area construction, vehicle exhaust, road resurfacing, seasonal changes, agriculture, pesticides – even colognes.

“There are a multitude of variables that impact the process of In Vitro Fertilization. To me, having outside environmental events influence someone’s chances of a successful outcome is unacceptable. The genesis of the LifeAire System was to solve that problem, to remove the variable of air from the In Vitro culture process,” said Dr. Worrilow.

The solution Dr. Worrilow and her team of chemists, engineers and physicists created is the LifeAire System, a multi-staged, patented air purification system that comprehensively remediates 99.999% of all airborne pathogens, making LifeAire the most powerful and effective defense available for airborne pathogens.

*Data is inclusive of all maternal ages, 1,245 cycles, 9,711 embryos and 2,808 embryos transferred as reported in Fertility and Sterility.


About LifeAire Systems — LifeAire Systems, LLC is an innovative healthcare technology company that discovers, develops, manufactures and commercializes revolutionary air filtration systems exclusively for the healthcare and life sciences industry. The company’s air filtration systems remove pathogens and other contaminants from the air creating a healthier environment for patients and for medical staff, enabling a significant improvement in clinical outcomes. For additional information about the company, please visit