Cleaner Air Boosts Fertility Rates at UC West Chester

Doctors say it is something in the air that’s helping infertile couples conceive at West Chester Hospital. Ever since the installation of a high-tech air filtration system the UC Health Center for Reproductive Health has seen a significant increase in fertility for In Vitro fertilization.

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She says when you get right down to it the state-of-the-art air filtration system is the only thing that is different at the fertility clinic. The doctors are the same. The medicine is the same. The In Vitro fertilization procedure is the same. And that’s why she’s crediting the air system for the boost in pregnancy rates.

The special air, clear of bacteria, viruses, VOCs (off-gasses) and other toxicans, is pumped into the surgical suite and the incubation area where fertilization takes place and the embryos are stored outside the body for an estimated three to five days.

No charge for second round of IVF if first doesn’t take

“We have become so confident in getting patients pregnant that we implemented a new program into a new system that if our patients are not pregnant within their first cycle they can actually come back for a second cycle without additional financial obligation,” says DiPaola.

Reason to believe

Published data shows even retarring a road more than two miles away can affect the success rate of IVF.

“We are located right next to a growing community, off a highway and next to an expanding hospital and we really wanted to insulate that environment such that whatever happened around us that would put us in a position to be successful and help our patients get pregnant,” says DiPaola.

DiPaola says this is still very new technology and big centers around the country are calling UC to find out how it’s working.