Why LifeAire?

Eliminate the variable of air.

It seems so logical: Using best practices, ultraviolet light, and air filtration systems to decrease volatile organic compounds (VOCs), pathogens, dust, bacteria and biologicals in the air should maximize the nature of your clinical environment and produce the best possible outcome.

But more than two decades of research have proven that it doesn’t. External environmental events, even those outside of the immediate proximity of a clinical facility, can greatly impact success. Seasonal changes, construction, vehicle exhaust, paint, the presence of cleaning fluids, resurfacing of roads—the list of airborne pathogens is long, and significant defenses against them are nonexistent, until now.

LifeAire Systems’ patented, in-duct air purification system delivers unparalleled performance proven radically different from every other system on the market. And today, this multi-stage technology can be installed easily in any IVF, healthcare and life science facility.

The scientist responsible for this breakthrough is Kathryn C. Worrilow, Ph.D., a leading embryologist who spent more than twenty years researching the causes of positive and negative spikes in clinical outcomes in In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) laboratories.

Dr. Worrilow’s painstaking work revealed that one of the greatest negative influences in the IVF laboratory environment was that of the ambient air surrounding the IVF process. This revelation inspired her to lead a team of chemists, engineers and physicists to develop the LifeAire system.

Today, LifeAire Systems gives IVF laboratories unprecedented control over their air quality. And if it works so significantly for the most fragile life on earth—the human embryo—imagine the drastic, positive implications for clinical facilities of every nature.

The LifeAire Systems’ technology has been adopted across the country. Dr. Worrilow is often asked to present her research. Her goal? To help colleagues remove the variable of air and maximize their clinical outcomes. Watch her right now!