I realized LifeAire truly would absolutely be the best outcome we could offer our patients.

“The impact of the LifeAire system on our practice has given us the confidence to know that we have the best possible air in the world for our embryos. And that translates into success rates.”

Dr. Steven Palter, Medical Director
Gold Coast IVF
Woodbury, New York

Once we put in the LifeAire System we saw a dramatic increase in our pregnancy rates.

“When it comes to IVF you want to be able to control as many of the variables that historically have been difficult to control that are critical to outcome. With the LifeAire system we’re able to do that when it comes to air quality.”

Dr. George Koulianas, Medical Director
The Center for Reproductive Medicine
Mobile, Alabama

About a block to the south of us a restaurant had a fire...You could see the big plumes of smoke.

“This is a very scary thing. An unanticipated problem that could have dramatically affected our results and yet it did not because we have this system in place. The air from the LifeAire system was completely clean and pristine.”

Dr. Randy Morris, Medical Director
Naperville Fertility Center
Naperville, Illinois