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Guarantee That Your Clean Room is Clean

Imagine the possibilities when you can easily and cost-effectively exceed the specifications of a Class 1000 clean room. Imagine the power of eliminating every single airborne contaminant that compromises the development and production of your biological and pharmaceutical products.

LifeAire Sytems does this through revolutionary, patented technology. Multi-staged levels of air filtration, purification and inactivation media are paired with powerful irradiation technology to achieve clean, inert air more effectively than with any other air purification system in the world.

What’s more, thanks to the extreme cleanliness and stability of the air, you’ll reduce your supply air volume—now you can safely recirculate, significantly reducing energy and costs. And best yet: the LifeAire system easily integrates into your existing HVAC system.

  • Remove up to 99.999% of biological and chemical contaminants

  • Reduce supply air volume, energy use and HVAC operating costs

  • Achieve exceptional control of production environment air quality
  • Enhance your product integrity and improve ROI, especially important for biological and pharmaceutical manufacturers