Watch your IVF success rate soar.

Watch your IVF success rate soar. - IVF

Of all the variables that affect the outcome of an IVF cycle, none is as prevalent as air. And while it is accepted that clean air can help the viability of a fragile human embryo, it took LifeAire Systems founder Kathryn C. Worrilow, Ph.D. to reveal exactly how clean that air needs to be.

Two decades of research and testing prove that fluctuations in IVF success can be attributed to events occurring outside the laboratory: road resurfacing, car exhaust, construction, insecticides, even cleaning products slip through traditional air purification systems to the detriment of embryogenesis. It became clear that any real solution would have to remediate and neutralize airborne pathogens at multiple levels.

Working with a team of chemists, engineers and physicists, Dr. Worrilow developed the LifeAire system. Its proprietary, staged and patented technology comprehensively addresses airborne chemical and biological pathogens. It is, quite simply, the most powerful defense a laboratory can employ, and your fastest path to a significant improvement in outcomes.

Controlling the variable of air.

A clinical study using data from LifeAire Systems' protected IVF facilities shows an average of 14.8 percentage points increase in ongoing pregnancy rates, as reported in 2014 in Fertility and Sterility. As more facilities adopt LifeAire Systems technology and report results, the latest data show an average of 19.7 percentage points increase in ongoing pregnancy rates* following system installation.

*As defined by positive fetal heartbeat per intrauterine sac. Data is inclusive of all maternal ages, 3,535 cycles and 7,733 embryos transferred.

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