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Air Filtration. Perfected.

LifeAire Systems, a global innovator of air purification technologies in IVF, has created a product specifically for VOC remediation in IVF and other life science laboratories. Using technology from its full scale Aire~IVF® system, the Aire~VOC in-duct module offers the most comprehensive methodology to capture and neutralize VOCs that can impact successful embryogenesis.

IVF programs faced with physical building constraints, leasehold restrictions or engineering complexity can now access a technology that has helped its users achieve double-digit improvements in pregnancy rates.

Aire~VOC is easy to install, as it simply replaces a section of your existing ductwork. Available in three standard sizes, Aire~VOC efficiently services laboratories of differing size and dimensions.

Technical Specifications

In-Duct and
All Weather Systems
Approximate Area Served
(Square Feet)
Approximate Area Served
(Square Meters)
Aire~VOC™ 1000 356 33.1
Aire~VOC™ 2000 712 66.1
Aire~VOC™ 4000 1,425 132.4

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