Aire~PPE Decontamination Unit


Rapid and complete disinfection for N95 masks

LifeAire Systems’ Aire~PPE Decontamination Unit was designed to disinfect N95 masks based on existing and proven technology. The technology was mathematically and genomically designed such that it delivers a 155.7-log viral kill, both on the surface and within the mask layers, specific to the genomic sequence of the COVID-19 virus. As a reference, sterility is defined by a 6-log reduction and all logs above 6 are not measurable.

The unit is portable and can be placed in critical areas that require PPE disinfection:

  • triage areas
  • emergency department
  • operating rooms
  • medical and surgical intensive care units for adults and pediatrics
  • medical and surgical wards
  • radiology
  • long term care facilities
  • physician offices
  • dental offices
  • first responders
  • any other user of N95 masks

Designed NOT ONLY for the kill of bacteria and viruses on the surface of the mask BUT ALSO residual viable biologicals within each layer of the mask.

  • Holds (21) N95 masks at a time
  • 2.5 minute total decontamination cycle, approximately 10,080 masks/day
  • N95 masks can withstand up to 100 disinfection cycles
  • Masks ready for immediate use after decontamination
  • Dosing, intensity, reflectivity and cycle time designed for comprehensive kill on the surface of and within the layers of the N95 mask
  • Unit pays for itself in less than 1 day


  • Portable – Weighs approximately 110 pounds without rack, 18 lbs per tray
  • No temperature rise during operation
  • Buzzer alert at end of 2.5 minute cycle
  • 120-240 V / 50 and 60 Hz
  • Safety interlock to turn lamps off if door is open
  • Unit comes with 2 trays to increase workflow
  • Graphic display to guide user through decontamination steps
  • Easy to use, automated processing and continuous control of UVC dose
  • Patent pending

The unit’s proven kill enables healthcare workers to confidently recycle and reuse their N95 masks.


  • Specifically designed to account for mask shape and porous material
  • Tray designed to hold masks on glass pins to ensure disinfection of both masks and straps
    • Ensures proper positioning
    • Compatible with different mask types and geometrics
    • Provides proper tension on the mask surface
  • Employs proven and tested kill technology used in full LifeAire System
  • Delivers more than the lethal dose required to kill COVID-19
  • Designed with input from leading physicists, and emergency medicine and infection control experts


  • Decontamination cycle is completely safe and does not expose the user to UVC
  • Point-of-use decontamination
  • Chemical-free process (no risk related to hazardous material transport, storage and manipulation)
  • Leaves no harmful chemical residues on decontaminated masks
  • Generates no residue or waste
  • Limited operating costs (electrical consumption and annual lamp replacement)
  • Quick and simple installation without additional installation costs


  • SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19)
  • Porcine Coronavirus (PEVD)
  • Avian Coronavirus (IVB)
  • Bacillus subtilis
  • Geobacillus stearothermophilus

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