Advanced Air Purification for Schools

LifeAire’s air purification for schools keeps students and faculty safe by delivering the highest air purity in the world – in a single pass.

LifeAire’s air purification solutions for schools, K12, colleges, and universities keeps COVID-19 out of the classroom.

Nothing is more important than the health and safety of students and faculty members. In today’s challenging climate, it’s more critical than ever to take steps to protect your facilities from threats to health. 

Our mission at LifeAire is to provide solutions to address airborne threats to health in the form of harmful biologicals that cause illnesses. Depending on the pathogen, these airborne threats can remain viable from a few hours to several days traveling throughout a facility’s HVAC system and into the lungs of the people inside.

LifeAire’s air purification solutions for schools are designed to efficiently remediate airborne pathogens on a single pass which minimizes the exposure that students and faculty have to any harmful pathogens and reduces the surface loading by preventing pathogens from entering the classroom from the air ducts.

That’s why we created Aire~BioLite™ — specifically designed for the remediation of airborne biologicals, including COVID-19.

  • Destroys up to 99.9999% of biological contaminants
  • Destroys 99.998% of COVID-19 in a single pass — and 100% within the second pass
  • Eliminates the pathogens that pass through HEPA filters

Aire~BioLite installs in-duct above the ceiling tiles and provides continuous protection against the most dangerous airborne threats in the world, including COVID-19. For more information about this solution, please click here.

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LifeAire is mathematically and genomically modeled to your school in order to kill Coronavirus in the air, and reduce it on surfaces.