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As some of the most fragile of human cells, sperm, eggs and embryos need the highest level of protection throughout the IVF process. These living cells are especially vulnerable to volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and microscopic particles in the air which can harm/disrupt an embryo’s development.

With the removal of 99.99% of pathogens and VOCs in the air, LifeAire Systems' Aire~IVF® creates the most pristine environment for optimal embryo growth. Developed by an embryologist with support from physicists, molecular biologists and biomedical engineers, LifeAire is the only air purification system specifically designed for use in IVF laboratories. Its technology is powerful enough to eradicate the anthrax spore—the most difficult biological pathogen to kill. The design of the System was inspired by patients and powered by science.


Different by Design

LifeAire Systems’ in-duct design treats not only the source air before it enters the laboratory space but also the return air that heating, ventilating and air conditioning systems (HVAC) recirculate from the IVF laboratory and clinical space. By comparison, free standing in-room systems do not have the capability to purify air until it actually enters the lab. The purification capacity of the LifeAire System is beyond any other known system applied to living cell laboratories.

Delivering Results—LifeAire Systems Improves IVF Outcomes

IVF programs using LifeAire Systems’ technology have clinical pregnancy rates consistently higher than the national average. These labs have improved their own pregnancy rates by almost 20 percentage points after installing Aire~IVF®.

To find a program protected by LifeAire Systems, please click the link below. Or ask your specialist about this innovative technology. LifeAire Systems could make the difference in growing your family.

IVF Programs Protected by LifeAire

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How LifeAire dramatically improves IVF outcomes

A message from SART: Clinical outcome data cannot be verified or confirmed until all live births have occurred. As entry criteria are highly variable for each program, and treatment processes vary, a center by center comparison of results may not be meaningful. Patient characteristics vary among programs, results not guaranteed.

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