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Intellectual Property Summary

LifeAire Systems offers the Aire~IVF® System, a revolutionary and patented in-duct air filtration and purification system. The LifeAire Systems technology engages multi-staged levels of air filtration, purification and inactivation media to aggressively remove chemical, particulate and infectious biological pathogens from both outside and re-circulated air. Our patented design is mathematically modeled to kill or inactivate the most infectious biological pathogens, producing “Ultra-Pure Air”.

Aire~IVF® is a registered trademark in the United States.

Country of Patent Origins

Country of Patent Origin Patent # (‘s)
United States 8,252,099 & 8,252,100 & 9,522,210 & 9,675,725 & USSN 15/589,627 & TM 4,176,615
Mexico 315649 & 326617
China 102933281 & 2015106606560
Canada 2,794,670 & 2,879,498
Israel 222044
Europe 11712734
India 9286/DELNP/2012 & 1077DELNP2015
Germany 2552567
United Kingdom 2552567
Spain 2552567
Italy 2552567
Netherlands 2552567
Brazil 1120150010733 & 112012024429-9

Aire~IVF® Model Numbers

  • Aire~IVF® 1000
  • Aire~IVF® 2000
  • Aire~IVF® 4000
  • Aire~IVF® 1000AW
  • Aire~IVF® 2000AW
  • Aire~IVF® 4000AW
  • Aire~HCX™

CE Certification

LifeAire Systems received CE mark certification for its line of in-duct air purification technologies. The CE Marking recognizes LifeAire’s commitment to providing excellence beyond international manufacturing requirements. EU legislation established these directives as mandatory standards for product safety from all imported products into the European market and LifeAire is proud to achieve this important certification.