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Intellectual Property Summary

LifeAire Systems offers the Aire~IVF® System, a revolutionary and patented in-duct air filtration and purification system. The LifeAire Systems technology engages multi-staged levels of air filtration, purification and inactivation media to aggressively remove chemical, particulate and infectious biological pathogens from both outside and re-circulated air. Our patented design is mathematically modeled to kill or inactivate the most infectious biological pathogens, producing “Ultra-Pure Air”.

Aire~IVF® is a registered trademark in the United States.

Country of Patent Origins

Country of Patent Origin Patent #(‘s)
United States 8,252,099 & 8,252,100 & 9,522,210
Mexico 315649 & 326617
China ZL201180016138.5
Canada 2,794,670
Israel 222044
Europe 2552567

Aire~IVF® Model Numbers

  • Aire~IVF® 1000
  • Aire~IVF® 2000
  • Aire~IVF® 4000
  • Aire~IVF® 1000AW
  • Aire~IVF® 2000AW
  • Aire~IVF® 4000AW
  • Aire~HCX™