Introducing Aire~Pathogen Alert

LifeAire Systems is excited to announce the introduction of the Aire~Pathogen Alert™ Rapid Reader System. Airborne pathogens are one of the largest contributors to HAIs. Between 69%-80% of pathogens (bacterial, fungal and viral) responsible...

Largest Multi-Center Cohort Study Confirms Significant Impact of Air Purification Technology on Clinical Outcomes

LifeAire Technology Protects Top IVF Labs in U.S.

LifeAire Systems is proud to report that has reported the top performing IVF Programs in the U.S. based on newly released 2014 take home baby data. LifeAire Systems - Top Ranking IVF Programs

Exciting Single Embryo Transfer Rates

The Center for Advanced Reproductive Services in Farmington, CT announces single embryo transfer success rates.

References to Peer Reviewed Literature Regarding the Impact of Air Quality in IVF

LifeAire’s new targets: hospitals, nursing homes, pharma

By Jennifer Glose, February 29, 2016 - Lehigh Valley Business - While leaving Lehigh Valley Hospital-Cedar Crest in Salisbury Township after a typical day at work, Kathryn C. Worrilow was walking through the parking lot when she noticed fumes wafting...

LifeAire Systems - Question & Answer

Find out more about the LifeAire System. Learn how we support the entire process, from consideration of a system to operational clinical space. Our team of Consulting experts and engineers, work side by side with you and your team to provide a cost efficient...

Map of LifeAire Protected Clinical Sites

LifeAire Systems continues to expand the application of its technology across the U.S. and beyond.

Dr. Cihan Halicigil: Air Quality Control in Reproductive Laboratories — The Importance of Implementation, Measurement and Control

Blog post from Dr. Cihan Halicigil, Chief Embryologist, Carolinas Fertility Institute — A LifeAire-protected IVF program Creating an optimal environment for embryo culture has been shown to significantly improve embryo viability and promote a...

Use of Light Based Technologies for the Decontamination of Air

Background: It has been suggested that light-based air decontamination technology can be utilized to help prevent the growing number of nosocomial infections. To help inform Facilities Managers it was identified that there is a need to draw together information...