Introducing Aire~Pathogen Alert

LifeAire Systems is excited to announce the introduction of the Aire~Pathogen Alert™ Rapid Reader System.

Airborne pathogens are one of the largest contributors to HAIs. Between 69%-80% of pathogens (bacterial, fungal and viral) responsible for secondary infections are airborne. “The fact that over 90% of surface pathogens originate from the air, further adds to their threat.” (Kowalski, 2012)

As a leader in air purification technology, LifeAire Systems is pleased to offer a front-line defense to help you protect your air, Aire~Pathogen Alert™.

Click the links below to access our latest white paper and a brochure providing additional detail regarding this exciting new product.

To learn how the Aire~Pathogen Alert™ System can monitor and protect your critical spaces, please call us at 484.224.3042 or e-mail us at

 Aire~Pathogen Alert Brochure
 Aire~Pathogen Alert White Paper

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